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The best way to get to know us? See some of our work.

Here you can read sample reports and hear Dr. Eyler break complex data into understandable sound bites.

Reports and Presentations

Sample Reports

COVID-19 Impacts on Industries and Organizations

Industries and occupations challenged by economic recovery, recommended application of ARPA funds [PDF 31 pg]

TAGS: economic impact, COVID-19, pandemic, Sonoma, California

The Economic Impact of the Wine and Wine Grape Industries on the Oregon Economy 2019 and 2020 Estimated

Factors impacting growth of wine industry and analysis of impacts on tourism and overall economy [PDF 31 pg]

TAGS: wine industry, wine grapes, economic impact, Oregon


The Economic Impact of the Wine and Wine Grape Industries on the Virginia Economy

Revenues, jobs and wages associated with all tiers of wine industry and the “multiplier” effect from wine-related businesses [PDF 18 pg]

TAGS: wine industry, wine grapes, economic impact, Virginia

North Bay Energy Storage Economic Impact on Sonoma County  

Economic impacts from the construction and operational benefits of a large grid-scale battery energy storage system [PDF 14 pg]

TAGS: large scale energy storage, energy grid, lithium-ion battery, Sonoma, California

Regional Workforce and Industry Analytic Services 

Comparing pre- and post-pandemic workforce trends in a six-county region of California's Bay Area [PDF 57pg]

TAGS: workforce, COVID-19, pandemic, SF Bay Area, California

Sample Presentations


Economic Sanctions 

Slide deck: what are sanctions, major methods, thinking about the past, current example with Russa, future of sanctions [PDF 37 pg]

TAGS: economic sanctions, Taiwan, Russia


Jobs We Do, Where We Work, How We Train 

Slide deck: CCCAOE Spring 2022 Conference; employment trends as they pertain to workforce development through community colleges [PDF 27 pg]

TAGS: economic recovery, workforce development, occupational demand, economic forecast, California Community Colleges


North Bay Economic Outlook 

Slide deck: economic factors affecting the Bay Area counties now and in the next few years; things to watch [PDF 25 pg]

TAGS: economic recovery, industry employment, inflation, SF Bay Area

Recovery and Uncertainty to 2025

Slide deck: factors contributing to economic recovery of Antelope Valley [PDF 23 pg]

TAGS: employment, housing, inflation, equity markets, economic forecast, data, charts, Antelope Valley, California

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